Hellenic Center - Zach and Krissy

Only a year behind on blog posts! I will start going over the weddings from the past year for some regular blog posts! Enjoy! 

My hilarious, fun, romantic friends, Zach and Krissy, got hitched at the Hellenic Center in Ipswitch, MA!

After a decade of dating and a dog involved proposal, they tied the knot on August 24th.

It was a gorgeous day.

If you haven't had the chance to go, let me tell you the Hellenic Center is a marvel. Well kept grounds, massive trees, beautiful sprawling paths, its fantastic. Also, it was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding! 
Between the weather and the location, my job was pretty easy.



Family photos are so much fun, I always try to incorporate a lot of personality in these photos as well as catch moments no one else sees.

After a quick round of family photos, we took a relaxing walk around the estate.

Boom, married

We journeyed back inside for some much needed air conditioning and to hide from the bugs. 

You better believe Zach and Krissy know how to make an entrance.

...ending with some photos of the new Bride and Groom.

The whole day was amazing! I love Zach and Krissy so much. I live for days like this. Congratulations Zach and Krissy!


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