Engagement Session Planning and Stuff

You did it! You are engaged! Congratulations! The wedding of your dreams is just around the corner and you want the BEST photographer possible to capture it all. However, the cost is high! Both the emotional cost as well as the economic cost. How can you be sure that an amazing portfolio translates to exactly an amazing photographer? This is the perfect opportunity to settle these fears.
An engagement session is a great way to learn how you and your photographer get along and get a few gorgeous images for your save-the-dates and wedding website.
So, what does an engagement session entail? What should you expect both before and during the shoot? Here are a few things to think about-

The location is the single biggest choice of the whole planning process. When you know the location you will have a better idea of how to dress.
When choosing a location just think about what you both love together. Depending on the time of year, we can set the scene anywhere. A slice-of-life lazy day at home, an adventurous shoot on top of a mountain, your favorite park in Downtown Boston.
Think about is how busy the location might be. If you would be more comfortable in a secluded area, then choose a park outside of Boston for minimal distraction.

Outfit –
My biggest tip for clothing is to be comfortable. I want all the images I take to reflect your love in the purest form, and something like an uncooperative shirt or being too cold can hinder that! Let’s just remove that worry and dress well, but comfortable in the chosen location. Choose clothes that make you feel like you!
In general, solid primary colors and well-fitting clothing is my go-to. Matching colors with your Significant Other is a great touch – and matching attire level is completely necessary. Try to avoid exact color matches but instead share a color palette, like autumn colors, earth tones, pastels. If weather allows, layers and textures help with visual interest. I suggest minimal jewelry to keep the focus on you (and the engagement ring of course). Speaking of the ring – a quick wash in dish soap and water will sparkle that bad boy up for its close-up!
If the location has a place to change, absolutely bring a 2nd outfit! That will add a ton of options.

Hair and Make-Up –
Much like how the entire engagement session is a trial for the wedding photos, you can have your Hair/Make-up Artist trial at the same time. Having a professional HMUA trial is a great way to make sure you are completely in love with their work and immediately see how it turns out in photos! Finally, have your nails done in subtle and natural colors, we want your nails to compliment you, but never distract.

The Shoot, Choosing Photos, and Delivery-

Showing up is 90% of the battle. Our planning is paying off because you look great, the sun is setting, and the stars have aligned. Much like wedding planning, the stress of engagement shoot planning breeds amazing photographic conditions.
Bring your lip gloss but leave the sunglasses in the car (unless you have matching sunglasses, that would be so cute).
I spend the first couple minutes of our shoot just explaining a few poses. “Pose” seems like a strong word for what is essentially visually pleasing cuddles. Body language is something I spend a lot of time studying, so whether you are an emotive machine or awkward in front of a camera, I will guide you into some photos that just ooze with feels. When you need guidance, I am there offering suggestions and joking around to get those genuine smiles out. Once things start going well, I step back and just let to two of you shine.
I will occasionally demand for you to hold for a bit so I can get different angles, but I try to keep my barking orders to only when the photos make up for it.
The longer we shoot, the more we relax and have a fun time exploring the location. The best compliment I receive time and again is, “Wow, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be!”
After we wrap up and say our goodbyes, I send the unedited images over for you to choose your favorites. Once chosen, I edit those up and have them back to you in two weeks at the most. Then they are all yours to adore forever! And just like that your (maybe first) photo session is completed!


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