So this is what a writing a blog is like.

I have never been much of a writer, and the idea of starting a blog has never felt like something I would enjoy doing. However, social medias are like a plants. They require light and water and care, and sadly my plants are withered husks tucked away in the closet.
Who let me buy plants anyways?
Well no more!
This geranium is going to make it! 
I will be updating this blog and social media accounts weekly. (I very much wanted to type "monthly" here) And I have a few great ideas about what to discuss. Mostly questions that I am consistently asked that don't have simple answers. 
Such as: "I love New England in the fall. Where is a fresh location for an autumn engagement shoot?" 
Great question Invisible Stranger! There are thousands of fantastic New England locations within 30 minutes of wherever you are, provided you are in New England (and it is fall). Lets list some quintessential New England traits:
(I am not from here so please don't hurt me)
Cape Cod / Federal / Georgian Houses
Cobblestone Streets
Covered Bridges
Stuff like that. Sure other places in the US have some of this, but if you incorporate two or more of these things into a frame - bam! You have a undeniably New Englandy photo. Add some good light and loving couple and you have some lifelong memories and concurrently some amazing save-the-date photos.


August 23, 2019