You clicked the right link today!

Oh hi!

I'm Tony

And by pretty neat I mean it's my favorite thing in the world! Combining my love for photography and my cheesy love for love, I have landed on my perfect job: Structural Engineering. 

Wait, no! I mean Wedding Photography! 

• Acting like a fool to make you smile.
• Knowing when to take control of the scene and when to step back and let things flow naturally.
• Collaborating with you early on in the planning process. 
• Applying my wealth of knowledge and obsession with photography into any possible situation.
• Realizing the day isn't all about the pictures, we have to make time for some cake, too!

How do I plan to do that?

Simply put - I try very hard.

Great, you made it this far! We're friends now, and it's my turn to get to know you! Lets take the next step and get in contact. 

I have a very simple goal as your
Wedding Photographer.

To get a large variety of kick-ass photos of you and your loved ones. The permanent kind that instantly reconnect you to the moment and feelings of your wedding day. The timeless kind that you plaster on your walls as a forever reminder of the love you share and the people you are.
The unique kind that tell your personal story.

I am a smiley, romantic-minded human with a deep love for love (and I'll be the first to agree that sounds cheesy).

Some random facts about me: I enjoy hiking on chilly days, international exploration, aerospace technology, and indie music. My favorite sweater has robots all over it and my favorite memory involves petting a baby bear.

Also, I think photography is pretty neat.

I look forward to being in touch with you soon! For now, please feel free to look around my website. I have a lot to show you.

I am a Lowell, MA wedding photographer looking for couples all over New England with a keen sense of fun and adventure.

Let's get to know each other! l'll go first!

What I like about


is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce