Yours, Forever

If you’re a little lost on how this whole thing is “supposed” to go, no problem. I take it upon myself to get you up to speed.

This isn’t my first rodeo and you will have access to my professional wisdom throughout this whole fun operation. I am more than prepared to impart oodles of in-depth explanations and processes to mitigate and remove any mystery.
I am on your team. Your success is my success.

The difference between good shots and GREAT shots can be subtle – even subconscious. The great ones  require the preparation of a garden. Together, we prepare the soil, nurture the seeds, weed the lanes, and prune the stragglers. Sure enough, with care, these great moments then bloom and with the click of a camera I collect them for your permanent enjoyment.

Let's get to work!


I bet you didn’t read this whole page just for fun.
Let's set up a chat and make some magic! 
Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work.

Enjoy the day,
Tony Ochoa

When your wedding date arrives, I like to have crafted a well-sculpted blueprint for how the photography will unfold. We’ll meet (virtually if necessary) and talk about your timings and shot ideas so I can button-up your must-have images and schedule my artistic freedom throughout the day. We’ll mix our ideas together with other vendors plans for a complete wedding day play-by-play.

The goal is to iron out the details beforehand, so when your day arrives, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Activate party mode.

When we work together, I encourage you to unload your ideas on me, no matter how rough or crazy they may be. I am here to be collaborative and help produce your vision. I will add in my own ideas and lend my expertise to capture that vision.

I aim to tell your story, your way.

To me, what makes wedding photography so incredible is how much I get to serve people. Every couple has their own unique flavor. Their secret language, their inside jokes, their endearing banter.

I love being able to bring this out in my work. Real smiles produce the best connections and that's what I work to deliver: Connection. 

That’s why I bring to the table a reaffirming sense of humor, an easygoing attitude, and a diehard desire to give my clients that single moment of their life back to them every time I click the shutter. When I hear "that was so much fun!" at the end of the day, I know I did my job.

My photography style is bold and timeless, with shots, angles and concepts that highlight devotion and unity, connect emotions and pull these brilliantly loving memories into focus.

I look forward to being in touch with you soon! For now, please feel free to look around my website. I have a lot to show you. 

The candid looks between you and your partner.

The cheers of the bridesmaids.

The smiles behind glassy-eyed speeches.

The lovingly placed décor.

The roaring laughter, the embarrassing dance moves, the unique blend of all your friends and family, all mashed together celebrating, for probably the only time, ever.

These are the memories I’ve spent a career capturing, and it would be my honor to help you turn your story into the keepsakes you’ll treasure forever!

I’m Tony and I know how important it is to get a decisive, reliable, talented photographer for your wedding.

What I like about


is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce